New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center (NOCAC) is,  first and foremost, a child’s place.

We offer a therapeutic approach for each child and the family and provide a safe place where healing begins. we strive to educate and refer each child’s family members for crisis intervention through on-site community referrals. In addition, the NOCAC is a place where all the needed disciplines meet and search for truth, while always striving to make each child’s home a safe place to remain or quickly return. The staff coordinates intervention services through a multidisciplinary team of professionals and agencies. The team focuses primarily on the child’s best interests by providing assistance and protection, reducing the trauma to child victims of abuse.

Buttons for Bravery is a program of the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center that recognizes each child survivor of abuse who bravely discloses the details of their past.

Each child is asked to pick a unique button and put their button of bravery in the wishing jar. Buttons represent the number of children served by the NOCAC and the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center. This process provides a positive closing to every interview and acknowledges the child’s courageous choice to share their experience.

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