The Audrey Hepburn Children At Risk Evaluation (CARE) Center is co-located with the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center in a child-friendly yellow cottage.

The home-like setting is located adjacent to Audubon park.  It is a very friendly doctor’s office with specially trained pediatricians that provide medical evaluation and care to any child who may have been abused or maltreated.  It is also a place where families and children feel safe and secure knowing that all the professionals are working for them.

How do I make an appointment?

Often, children are referred or sent to us by police or a child protection agency.  The Audrey Hepburn CARE center also gets referrals from other doctors, pediatricians, and emergency room physicians.  Once we receive the referral, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

What will happen during my child’s visit?

You will be greeted and welcomed by one of our trained staff members.  You and your child will be escorted into a private child-friendly den in which staff will explain what is going to happen, help you with your paperwork, and get some insurance information.  Volunteers are often present to entertain and distract your child if you think your child would enjoy making crafts or just playing.

Before the checkup, a nurse will check your child’s height, weight, and blood pressure.  The nurse can also assist with answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

You will then meet one of the Audrey Hepburn CARE center physicians who will ask questions about your child’s general health.  Once your child feels comfortable, the physician and a trained staff member will talk to your child in private about why they are at the doctor today.  The physicians are all trained pediatricians who are extremely talented in making children feel at ease, even those who find it difficult to open up in other situations.  You will then join your child for a full head-to-toe checkup.  If your child is twelve years of age or older, they will be able to choose whether they would like to have another person present in the room.  Afterwards, the doctor will discuss what was learned from talking to the child and from the checkup to give advice for the health of your child.  The Audrey Hepburn CARE Center case manager will also give you information about resources available in your community, referrals for counseling, and written materials to help you through the process.

For more information about what will happen during your visit, please Click Here to read our “Check Out the Check-Up” booklet


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