Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

 Our interns & volunteers are vital to the success of our program! We provide Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer internships for high school and college students. Volunteer opportunities also available!


Where do interns & volunteers come in?

New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center and the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center are non-profit programs that rely heavily on the support and enthusiasm of volunteers and interns. Volunteers and interns have plenty of opportunities to see the impact they are having. It is our hope that as a volunteer or intern, you will leave with an increased awareness of the prevalence and prevention of child abuse and maltreatment. Our team makes it a priority to provide you with tasks and projects that build upon your interests and goals. While we do our best to match you with projects that suit your particular interests, we appreciate that our interns and volunteers are always willing to take on any new project that comes their way. This internship will provide you with the valuable opportunity to explore many fields and is perfect for anyone who may be interested in public health, social work, medicine, law, and psychology. Volunteers also have exposure to  many different fields.

Some of the people you make work under during your time with us are:

  • Executive Director
  • Program Coordinator
  • Forensic Interviewers
  • Doctors & Nursesinterns
  • Family Care Coordinator
  • Social Workers

What kind of experiences do interns & volunteers gain?

Interns and volunteers at the New Orleans Child Advocacy Center have an opportunity to explore various fields and gain a wide skill set. Some of the projects you may work on as an intern here are social media communications, research and publications, fundraising and development,  language proficiency, child life, and law and legal development. You will likely have a chance to work on projects that fall into many of these categories.  A few examples of projects you may work on are shown below.

Social Media Communications

  • Manage social media pages such as Facebook, and website, including NOCAC and Dear Parents
  • Develop info graphics that can be used by NOCAC and the CARE Center to showcase prevention efforts and illustrate the impact of child abuse in the area
  • Utilize various marketing techniques to increase traffic, brand awareness, and rescreen-shot-2016-11-18-at-12-05-59-pmquests for training
  • Develop a bimonthly e-newsletter to promote community events and raise awareness on key issues

Research and Publications

  • Manage Dear Parents campaign, translate relevant research into messages, work with social media intern to launch Facebook page
  • Design and publish educational materials for parents and community partners to increase awareness of leading research, public health policy, and state laws
  • Develop and update databases to reflect survey results and changes to cases
    • Maintain survey results for ALL pre- and post-test for MRT, TSL, D2L
  • Collaborate with doctors, providers, and program directors to develop more user-friendly and comprehensive medical forms for incoming patients

Fundraising and Development New Orleans Photographer Frank Aymami

  • Coordinate fundraising events to increase awareness in the community
  • Maintain and update grant records and application renewals
  • Assist with fundraising and publicity campaigns through press releases, public service announcements, follow-up calls, preparation of solicitation and press packets, etc.
    • Examples of prevention events (Prevent NOW!, Darkness to Light, Prevention Coalition)
  • Help plan annual Trees for Life campaign
  • Work on Buttons for Bravery campaign

Law and Legal Development

  • Perform research and writing for legal matters regarding Children Advocacy and Mandatory Reporting
  • Update Laws and Trial Manual
  • Track and update case outcomes

Language Proficiency

  • Create pamphlets and resources for family members including but not limited to child development, corporal punishment, etc.
  • Help keep inventory of resources in various languages

Child Life 

  • Entertain children while their parents meet with medical professionals
  • Take inventory of toys, crayons, coloring books, distraction activities
    New Orleans Photographer Frank Aymami

How do I apply?

Contact Hannah Gilbert at for more information! You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about our programs and involvement.

Be sure to complete an online application at Attend the next Children’s Hospital orientation and complete a background check, TB test, and MMR/ Varicella screening. When completed email Hannah Gilbert ( and Lee Myers (


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