Engage and Guide the Non-Offending Parent:

Non-offending parents (NOPs) are critical to the child and the case.  Experience and research confirm the impact of the NOP and the opportunities all professionals have to make that impact positive.  Discover ways to engage and guide the NOP for the sake of the child victim.


Mandatory Reporting Training – Beyond Blame:

This program simplifies the reporting process and clarifies common misconceptions concerning reporting obligations while assuring legal duties are timely met.  Discover ways to identify, respond, and report suspected abuse while successfully complying with legal obligations.  Program also addresses the realities and aftermath of reporting and gives concrete ways to work with parents after the report.


Child Abuse Resource Education (CARE) Sessions:

Monthly training sessions cover a wide range of topics associated with child abuse.  A valuable tool of continuing education for professionals and community advocates in the field of child maltreatment.


Darkness to Light Levels of Prevention:

This national sexual abuse prevention training program educates adults to recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse and motivates them to courageous action.  The NOCAC assists the metropolitan area with obtaining all 5 levels of the only proven national prevention of child sexual abuse program, Darkness to Light: Prevent NOW, Stewards of Children™, Facilitator Training, and Partners in Prevention Distinction.


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