Dear Parents: Phrase Choices


  • Designed by God to cry/ Designed to Cry Rock
  • Don’t shake/ Sooth don’t shake
  • Crying kid: Hear Joy/ Hear the sounds of joy
  • Pregnant-Caution: Will Cry –Parenting starts here
  • Nurture Me
  • Smile when I cry
  • Won’t spoil
  • Take a break if my crying is making you crazy
  • Rock me
  • Sing to me
  • Guide me
  • Read to me
  • Keep me safe
  • Be there


  • It really was an accident
  • If you HIT, I’ll hit/ Hitting teaches hitting
  • Priceless Lead by Example
  • My bladder doesn’t work yet
  • Didn’t mean to make you mad
  • If I bite, ignore me and give lots of attention to my victim
  • When I hit a playmate, sternly tell me we don’t hit
  • When I spill, sing a clean up song
  • Quickly turn away when I have tantrums, and laugh
  • Take Me With You

School Age

  • Hitting Hurts Me not YOU
  • Break the cycle-Spare the Child-kids don’t spoil
  • Don’t punish my failures-I’m trying
  • Threats Don’t Help
  • Your Choices, My Future
  • I’m Watching You
  • Guide Me
  • Be Patient with Me
  • I’m Still Learning
  • I will mess up
  • Sometimes I forget
  • I get mad also
  • I’m learning how to stand up for myself not trying to be sassy
  • It’s ok if you’re wrong your still my mom
  • I only get one mom
  • Tell me you will love me if I fail
  • Tell me about times school was hard for you
  • Remember the ridiculous things I do and say because I’ll be gone too soon

Teen Agers

  • Scars last a lifetime/Scars are forever
  • FEAR doesn’t Teach/ Fear doesn’t parent
  • Still need you, won’t tell you
  • Just trying to be me
  • I’m Really Listening
  • Listen to my side/ Listen to Me/ Hear Me
  • Take my side
  • It’s Just A Phase
  • I’ll Make You Proud You’re My Role Model/ Be My Role Model
  • I am just trying to separate
  • God designed me to challenge you, sorry
  • My brain made me do it
  • When I act like I hate you, I need you most
  • Tell me you love me no matter what I do
  • I’m listening, if you want me to obey, ask me
  • Look me in the eye and try to connect with me, everyday

Any Age

  • Hands are for holding not hitting/NEED HUGs not Hits
  • Don’t Tell Me Show Me/ Don’t YELL –Show ME
  • Hands are for (Hugging, Holding)
  • Forgive Me, Don’t Punish Me (older children)
  • Trying to please you, BE Patient/Be patient with me
  • My future/life is on your hands
  • Parents holding kids
  • Tell Me You Love Me
  • Belts are for holding, loops
  • Rods are for guiding
  • Bibles give us faith
  • Spare the child
  • Hitting hurts
  • Don’t scare me
  • I can’t hear when you scream
  • Protect Me

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